A special event at World of Concrete 2024: Insights, Connections, and More

As the Marketing & Account Manager at Orion Software, World of Concrete 2024 was not just an event—it was an enriching experience that provided valuable insights and connections. Navigating through the exhibition, I had the pleasure of engaging with diverse organizations, each with a unique perspective on the construction (and rental!) industry.


Connecting: It was fascinating to interact with representatives from various organizations and gain insights into their challenges and aspirations for the year ahead. The conversations sparked ideas that could potentially shape the future of our rental industry always looking for new ways to be more effective.


Outlook on the Market: World of Concrete served as an excellent barometer for market trends in all different types of industries. The diverse range of products and solutions showcased by industry leaders provided a comprehensive outlook on what to expect in the coming months and years. These insights will undoubtedly guide our strategies and innovations at Orion Software to provide the best solutions we can.


Vote for Sirius e Suite! I'm thrilled to share that our Sirius e Suite has been nominated for the Innovative Product of the Year Award. Your support means the world to us! Take a moment to cast your vote for Sirius e Suite here. Let's make the Sirius e Suite the Innovative Product of the Year together!


A Pleasurable Experience at World of Concrete: Beyond the professional aspects, the overall experience at World of Concrete was delightful. From engaging conversations at our booth to the enriching Las Vegas area, the event showcased the implication and innovation within the different industries.


As we carry the momentum forward, I invite you to vote for Sirius e Suite and be a part of our journey towards innovation and excellence. Thank you for your ongoing support!


Best Regards,

Gabriel LePage - Marketing Manager Orion Software

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